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UFC fighter Dustin Poirier slaps heckler at Mardi Gras parade over sign disrespecting wife

Mar 4, 2023

UFC fighter Dustin Poirier lashed out at a man at Mardi Gras parade in Youngsville, Louisiana, over the weekend after he held up a sign in Poirier’s face referencing a comment rival Conor McGregor made about his wife before their UFC 264 fight in 2021.

Poirier, 34, and his wife, Jolie, were in the parade on Saturday when a man holding a sign that read "Hey Dustin, your wife’s in my DM’s’" approached the vehicle they were riding in.

The sign, inspired by the viral remark that McGregor made before their trilogy fight, did not sit well with Poirier.

Source: Fox News

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