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Umpires award Yankees 3-run HR vs. A's despite apparent fan interference

May 11, 2023

The New York Yankees blew open their 11-3 win over the Oakland A's on Wednesday with a four-run first inning. It was aided by a three-run home run that probably shouldn't have counted.

With runners on first and third, center fielder Harrison Bader hit a 1-1 fastball from A's starter Kyle Muller deep toward the Yankee Stadium right-field bleachers. Right fielder JJ Bleday leaped to make a play but didn't come down with the ball. As Bader rounded second base, umpires signaled a home run to extend New York's lead to 4-0.

But the umps weren't so sure about this one. Neither was Bleday, who looked up into the stands after failing to secure the ball.

Umpires then reviewed the play for potential fan interference. Here's what they saw with a closer look:

Bleday timed his jump perfectly and reached his glove over the wall as the ball descended toward it. Two Yankees fans with gloves reached out to challenge him, and one of them came away with the ball, with his glove just above Bleday's.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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