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Unsigned MLB Stars Spark Tension Between Teams, Players, and Union

Feb 26, 2024

MLB’s remaining batch of available free agents is creating a new level of angst between teams and the players’ side, which also includes their agents and the MLB Players Association.

As spring training games have now begun, a key quartet of star players still have not signed with any team for the 2024 season: reigning National League Cy Young Award winner Blake Snell, World Series hero Jordan Montgomery (above), four-time Gold Glove winner Matt Chapman, and slugger J.D. Martinez. All are represented by prominent agent Scott Boras, who openly lamented top players being available while the league continues to generate record-level annual revenue of more than $11 billion.

In particular, 19 teams are currently projected to open the season with lower payrolls than last year. Perhaps most notable among the group is the Padres, who have slashed their spending from last year’s $256 million to this year’s $145 million.

“Clubs have plenty of money to spend, but they’re not spending in a matter that is customary to competitiveness,” Boras said to USA Today. “It’s not that they don’t have the ability to pay, but their choice to regress on their payrolls.”

Source: Front Office Sports

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