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Vince McMahon Would Step Down to Complete Sale of WWE

Feb 7, 2023

WWE CEO Nick Khan said “without question” founder Vince McMahon would step aside if that was necessary to complete a sale to the right bidder.

Khan made that declaration in a call with investors after the company announced record annual earnings of $1.3 billion and a rosy growth outlook for 2023 on Thursday.

“Yes, without question. He’s declared it to the board,” Khan said. “He’s declared to us in management. It’s all about shareholder value. Obviously, he is a shareholder. So It’s not about what role he will have. It’s about maximizing that value opportunity.”

McMahon’s stance is believed to be aimed at potential acquirers who would want him to step aside as part of an acquisition. Think of a company with a squeaky clean image like The Walt Disney Co.

McMahon retired abruptly amid a sexual misconduct scandal in July before using his controlling stake in the WWE to put himself back in charge last month.

Source: Front Office Sports

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