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Wander Franco a no-show to answer summons in Dominican Republic

Dec 29, 2023

Despite a summons from the Dominican Republic authorities investigating him to appear at their Santo Domingo offices Thursday at 11 a.m., Rays shortstop Wander Franco was a no-show.

Listin Diario, a local newspaper, showed authorities waiting for Franco outside the Offices of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Children and Adolescents Thursday morning.

Several reports from the Dominican Republic also said that Franco had “disempowered,” or fired, his lawyers in that country. Those lawyers notified authorities that they no longer represent the player so they could not tell him to appear.

Judge Olga Diná, who is leading the investigation, told Listin Diario that if Franco and his representatives do not appear, they will proceed with what the criminal process makes available.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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