What's next for Bishop Sycamore? Investigations but not much football

Sep 10, 2021

Via @Tom_Schad: It's been almost two weeks since a little-known high school called Bishop Sycamore lost a lopsided football game on ESPN, prompting questions about the quality of its team – which supposedly included multiple Division-I prospects – and the legitimacy of its academics.

In the immediate aftermath of that 58-0 loss to IMG Academy, Bishop Sycamore's leader has claimed the school is "not a scam," even though its listed physical addresses belong to a university library and a Columbus, Ohio athletic complex. Its head coach, Roy Johnson, has been fired. And the new coach, Tyren Jackson, has told a Columbus media outlet that Bishop Sycamore has no curriculum and is not a school, but rather a "post-grad football academy."

So where does Bishop Sycamore go from here?

Source: Tom Schad for USA Today