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What happened to USA Basketball? The best players chose Paris Olympics

Sep 9, 2023

Americans expect to win gold medals at every international basketball competition like it's our birthright.

When the USA men fall short — as Team USA did against Germany in the semi-finals of the 2023 FIBA World Cup — it leads to hard questions, some soul searching, and the chance for some to climb on a soapbox and rail about the failings of the American basketball system.

However, the answer in this case is a little clearer: America's best players chose the Paris Olympics over the World Cup.

That statement needs to come with some context. In this case, the USA's loss Friday is the culmination of a couple of things that have led to the USA winning the gold at just two of the last six World Cups. USA coach Steve Kerr got at one after the USA's loss Friday.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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