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What will the CFP format look like after Pac-12's demise? We need to really make a decision this fall

Sep 27, 2023

One by one, College Football Playoff decision-makers entered Big Ten headquarters on Tuesday morning, walked up the two flights of stairs and gathered in a room to, potentially, decide the future of the industry’s postseason.

The CFP Management Committee — the 10 FBS conference commissioners and Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick — is expected to further explore this week a change to the expanded playoff model, a concept approved last year and scheduled for implementation in 2024.

In the wake of the latest wave of realignment, officials are considering adjustments to the approved 12-team format, described as a 6+6 model as it grants automatic qualifiers to the six highest-ranked conference champions and at-large bids to the next six highest-ranked teams. While plenty of other topics are expected to be discussed over the next two days in suburban Chicago — a new television deal, the revenue-sharing model and weighted voting structure — the format looms as the most urgent and impactful matter.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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