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Whats going on with Lionel Messi? Even at Inter Miami, mystery lingers

Sep 28, 2023

Drake Callender arrived at Inter Miami’s facility Wednesday unsure whether Lionel Messi would play.

Or at least that’s how Callender tells it. “It was when I walked into the locker room,” Miami’s goalkeeper said when asked how he found out that Messi would miss Wednesday’s U.S. Open Cup final. “I didn't see his jersey up, and I knew he wouldn't be part of the starting squad.”

Which is somewhat hard to believe, but not implausible. Inter has wrapped Messi’s injury in a veil of secrecy. His status has been uncertain entering three of Miami’s last four games, and the club has never actually specified what body part is bothering him.

The assumption, prior to Wednesday, was that Messi’s injury was minor, and his rest was somewhat precautionary. The Houston Dynamo, Miami’s opponent in the Open Cup final, prepared Monday and Tuesday as if Messi would play, multiple players said. Thousands of fans donned his jersey with a similar expectation.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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