White Sox closer Liam Hendriks rips Yankees 3B Josh Donaldson over 'Jackie' comment to Tim Anderson

May 23, 2022

Chicago White Sox closer Liam Hendriks ripped New York Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson on Sunday over fallout from Donaldson's alleged racist comment against White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson.

In particular, Hendriks took exception with the notion that Donaldson, who is white, referred to Anderson, who is Black, as "Jackie" — in reference to Jackie Robinson — as an inside joke.

"Yeah, that's completely inappropriate," Hendriks said. "And then hearing what was said after the game — usually you have inside jokes with the people you get along with, not people that don't get along at all. So that statement right there was complete (expletive).

"But, then again, my feelings towards the individual in question are pretty well documented in the fact that we don't get along."

When the two teams met in Chicago on May 13, Donaldson pushed Anderson off third base while applying a tag, and Anderson shoved Donaldson, leading to an exchange of words and the benches clearing.

After Saturday's game, Anderson said that Donaldson called him "Jackie," in reference to Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier in 1947 and whose jersey is retired by Major League Baseball.

"I've spoken to (people) now in four separate clubhouses that he's been into and as a whole, none of them have gotten along," Hendriks continued. "So, yeah, him whipping out and trying to pull that narrative is complete and utter (expletive)."

Source: Yahoo Sports (Photo by: SI.com)