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Why Chiefs-Dolphins on Peacock was just the start of streaming-only playoff games

Jan 15, 2024

You grumbled. You seethed. You asked around for a password. You questioned if it was really true, if the only way you could watch an NFL playoff game was on a streaming service.

And then you — at least a substantial number of you, that is — went ahead and paid up.

The numbers for NBC/Peacock’s bold new venture in NFL programming — a streaming-only playoff game — are in, and they’re bad news for anyone who thought this might be a one-time experiment.

NBC indicated that Saturday night’s chilly Kansas City-Miami wild-card playoff game averaged 23.0 million viewers, though it’s worth noting that figure combines both Peacock and the NBC over-the-air numbers in both Kansas City and Miami. So enthused, NBC touted the ratings news on its Sunday night game — an unusual flex, to say the least. Network PR further indicated that the event was the most live-streamed in U.S. history, and Saturday was the highest day ever for internet usage in the United States.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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