Why was it necessary for John Sterling to broadcast a road game from flooded Yankee Stadium?

Sep 4, 2021

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Sterling has not been traveling to road games. Much like his former radio partner, TV voice Michael Kay, when the Yankees are out of town, Sterling has been going to Yankee Stadium to call games remotely. It makes sense for Kay, who appears on camera with a rotating cast of analysts, to go to the Bronx. But even on the TV side, Paul O’Neill works from home, in Ohio, where he’s hunkered down in “Studio 21.”

Sterling and Waldman are both vaccinated, and according to the New York Post earlier this summer, the reason that they’re not traveling with the Yankees is that WFAN won’t pay for their hotels or meals on the road. It’s a decision that has led to worse radio broadcasts of Yankees games, and on Wednesday night nearly cost Sterling his life.

Source: Jesse Spector for Deadspin