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Will lawsuit against NFL, Roger Goodell keep Saints from hiring Jon Gruden?

Jan 19, 2024

Brian Flores isn't the only former NFL head coach with a pending lawsuit against the league. Jon Gruden has one, too.

With steam building that Gruden could join the Saints, perhaps as offensive coordinator, the question becomes whether the league would try to keep that from happening.

It would be wrong, to say the least, for the NFL to squeeze the Saints. It would create grounds for a separate legal action. Employers generally cannot hold against a current or former employee a decision by that employee to pursue legal rights against the employer,

We reported after the Saints brought Gruden in as a consultant that the Saints received no blowback from the league. That doesn't mean the league will stay silent now that the Saints might be considering hiring Gruden on a full-time basis.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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