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World Series: Justin Verlander makes nice with Phillies fans in exchange of flipped birds, thumbs up

Nov 2, 2022

The Houston ace greeted Phillies fans on Monday by flipping them the bird when the Astros team bus arrived at Citizens Park before Game 3 of the World Series was rained out. He did so with a smile in response to what was in all likelihood a similar welcome by the Phillies faithful in attendance.

When the Astros bus returned on Tuesday for Game 3, Phillies fans were waiting once again. This time, Verlander met them face-to-face for a closeup exchange of birds. But not before signing some autographs.

Verlander met with a fan named Steph to sign her baseball. The two then posed together while they both flipped off the camera. They then took another photo sharing a thumbs-up.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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