WWE Releases NXT Tag Team Champion Nash Carter After Wife’s Abuse Allegations

Apr 7, 2022

NXT tag team champion Nash Carter has been released by WWE.

The 27-year-old Carter (real name Zachary Green) was released from his contract on Wednesday after being accused of abusing his wife Kimber Lee (Kimberly Green), a fellow wrestler currently signed to Impact Wrestling.

On Monday, Lee posted pictures on Twitter alleging abuse by Carter, claiming he “got wasted and hit me so hard he split my lip open.”

“He told me I’m a wrestler so I’m always marked up. I’ve hid this for a year and even forgave him. But I can’t hide it anymore,” Lee wrote.

“You all wanted the proof. There it is. I’m sorry I backed out but he was telling me lies all weekend to get me to not say anything.”

Source: Sports Illustrated
(Photo by:WWE)