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Compliance and Procurement Manager

Indianapolis, IN, USA

USA Track & Field

About the Role

BASIC FUNCTION: Understand, develop, and manage each part of the supply chain to ensure consistent delivery of goods and services while identifying possible obstacles that may affect productivity.
Develop sound, cost-effective strategies to deliver sporting events and related services.
Maintain relationships with suppliers while continuing to scout for additional suppliers.
Evaluate spending operations while seeking ways to improve and enhance the quality of products/services purchased and the timeliness of delivery.
Prepare requests for proposals and oversee bid process for maximum efficiency and results.
Work closely with internal department and volunteer sport committees on vendor needs and bidding process.
Compare bids from vendors and assist with determining to whom contracts will be awarded.
Evaluate vendor proposals to ensure that all requirements are met.
Conduct cost analyses and set benchmarks for improvement.
Ensure processes and procedures are in place and followed to ensure compliance in bidding process as a national governing body.
Confirm that terms and delivery dates are accurate.
Evaluate competence of vendors and review their invoices for accuracy.
Manage union requirements in various geographic locations, as necessary.
Perform other related duties as assigned.


About the Company

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