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Deputy Counsel

Schenectady, NY, USA

New York Gaming Commission

About the Role

Specific duties performed include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Directs the activities of the Office of Counsel while providing general instruction as to possible precedents, cases, opinions, policies, rules, regulations, and legislation that may pertain to case materials, briefs, and memoranda, hearings.
• Develops our agency’s position on matters that may be disputed in judicial or administrative proceedings and may participate in such litigation.
• Analyzes new federal and state statues and court rulings and federal regulations necessary to conform to changes in the law.
• Proposes changes in agency policy and practice or regulations necessary to conform to changes in the law.
• Reviews agency programs and considers proposals for change in agency policy from a legal viewpoint and works collaboratively with division heads and senior leadership to assist in the constructive development of agency policy in conformance with the requirements of the law.
• Provides legal advice and opinions to agency leadership in connection with activities and services of the agency.
• Assists the Office of Attorney General in defending the Commission in litigation brought by private parties, including horse racing.
• Provides management oversight to the Office of Counsel in the daily activities of legal office staff.
• Provides expert advice and assistance, supports the assigning and review of the work of professional staff, sets priorities and ensures work is completed within established timeframes.
• Supervises subordinate line attorneys in the Office.
• Evaluates employee performance and prepares performance programs and evaluations.
• Ensures that staff are knowledgeable about legal policies and procedures and provide a high level of service to agency management and staff.
• Provides direction and seeks guidance on issues concerning the hiring, performance, discipline, and termination process for Office of Counsel employees.
• Oversees the development, review and recommendations to the Agency Head and Counsel of changes to existing legislation and regulations, recommends the creation of new statutes, rules and/or policies in the furtherance of the agency’s goals and objectives.
• Research major legal questions and provides support to the agency head and Counsel in the preparation and development of strategic positions on issues and raised as the result of State and federal executive and legislative actions.
• Recommends the development and implementation of new legal initiatives or modifies existing legal programs as necessary to carry out pertinent aspects of the agency’s mission.
• Consults with legal staff of other agencies on issues that cross agency jurisdictions or have wide implications.
• Reviews federal statues, regulations, policies and legislation and their impact as it relates to agency operations.
• Performs other duties as required.


About the Company

Under the direction of the General Counsel, the position will act as the lead attorney in the daily management of the agency’s Office of Counsel. The Commission consists of four Divisions – Lottery, Racing, Gaming, and Charitable Gaming. It also consists of four Bureaus/Offices – Finance, Administration, Licensing, Legal, and Auditing. As such, the Office of Counsel provides legal response for the multiple Divisions, Bureaus and Offices, as well as for the NYS Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund and the Agriculture and New York State Horse Breeding Development Fund. The Deputy Counsel will serve as the second-in-command and manage and direct the day-to-day work activities of the office, including supervision of support staff and the attorneys who provide legal advice and opinions to senior agency management in relation to the functions and services of the agency. The Deputy will provide oversight to our legal office in relation to the administrative hearings held primarily for Racing and for Lottery, but also for other divisions and offices, and will assist with judicial review of any determinations.

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