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General Counsel

Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Fiesta Bowl

About the Role

General Counsel Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Provide guidance and support to the Foundation staff and Board of Directors, as necessary, and its affiliated entities on all legal and public policy matters.
Determine the scope of involvement and assign/delegate appropriate action internally or to outside counsel. Determine if external legal counsel is needed and if so, retain and supervise external law firms representing the Foundation.
Provide legal guidance and support to the Foundation staff on all legal matters, including but not limited to hospitality, sports and entertainment, intellectual property, administrative, insurance, employment, communications and media, privacy, technology, contracts, and litigation, as well as local and federal regulations.
Advises the Board of Directors, Executive Director & CEO and Senior Leadership Team on matters of a legal nature relative to all the Foundation operations.
Represent the Executive Director & CEO with government and industry officials on legal issues related to the Foundation’s operations.
Identify and mitigate legal risk to protect the Foundation from undue legal exposure, liability and significant financial loss while facilitating achievement of strategic and operational objectives of Board and management.
Serve as liaison to the Board of Directors with regards to the governance process for the Foundation.
Draft, negotiate, and review various types of contracts for the Foundation including vendor contracts, event participation agreements, intellectual property licenses, sponsorship agreements, consulting agreements, leases, development agreements, media license agreements, etc.
Provide services related to the corporate structure of the Foundation and its affiliates, including but not limited to the creation of new legal entities.
Handle trademark searches and registrations for proposed names/logos that may be used for the Foundation programs, events, or initiatives.
Oversee litigation and relevant local legislative and NCAA policy matters.
Manage any litigation in which the Foundation is involved, including but not limited to class action lawsuits, employee litigation, and contract disputes.
Monitor use of the Foundation intellectual property (including but not limited to the Foundation name, logo, tag line and member data), and enforce compliance through litigation or otherwise where appropriate.
Provide strategic advice to the Executive Director & CEO as requested on all matters related to achieving the Foundation’s short-term and long-term strategic objectives and priorities.


About the Company

The organization was founded in 1971 to host the Fiesta Bowl as a newly organized and sanctioned bowl game. The organization has grown to include four legal entities, all operated under one management team and directed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Since its inception, the organization has been structured as a 501-(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable entity. Despite its tax structure, the management team is expected to operate as a "profit-making entity" to meet its commitments to bowl partners and to the Arizona education, youth and sports communities who look to the organization for substantial financial support annually through the work of Fiesta Bowl Charities.

The Foundation's vision is to be a world-class community organization that executes innovative experiences, drives economic growth and tourism, and champions charitable causes while inspiring pride in all Arizonans. As a nonprofit organization, they believe in the importance of fostering a culture of community outreach and service.

Based in Scottsdale, the Fiesta Bowl hosts a variety of local events each year, as well as two elite bowl games, the Vrbo Fiesta Bowl held at State Farm Stadium and the Guaranteed Rate Bowl held at Chase Field. At the core of their organization is Fiesta Bowl Charities, which has contributed more than $25 million to Arizona nonprofits during the past 8 years.

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