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Senior Attorney

Los Angeles, CA, USA

NTWRK (Complex)

About the Role

Provide legal guidance and expertise to company executives and department heads regarding laws, regulations, industry customs and practices related to short form digital programming, e-commerce, retail and tech
Assist key team members with structuring and negotiating deals for above and below-the-line talent, sponsorships, brands, licenses, production companies and vendors
Structure, draft, negotiate and manage complex and often first-of-their-kind commercial contracts relating to merchandise, digital content, promotional partnerships and more
Advise on employment law matters
Prepare deal summaries for use by marketing, content, finance, etc.
Analyze and advise on the ramifications and relative risk of deal structures
Partner with business executives and human resources to design and implement best practices


About the Company

Created in 2002 by Marc Eckō, Complex is a leading global youth entertainment network showcasing the evolution of major pop culture categories, including streetwear and style, music, sneakers, and sports. Complex is a juggernaut in the content and culture space, delivering unprecedented global reach.

Complex is the world’s definitive cultural commerce, content, and experiential platform. We have created an all-new operating system built for the next generation, seamlessly integrating discovery, inspiration, community, and shopping. The company represents an expansion of the original vision with a deep understanding of convergence culture and its impact on contemporary society.

Whether video, long-form editorial, or social content, Complex tells stories that engage dynamic conversation with our communities. Our internet-breaking cover stories document the heroes of culture and take them to the next level through product collaboration nd shoppability.

Complex has become experts in creating immersive environments at our IRL experiences and cultural events. ComplexCon is our flagship festival bringing together the world’s most influential brands and artists for an unforgettable weekend of style, sneakers, art, design, food, music, inspiration and more.

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