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First Round of 2024 NFL Draft Averages 12.1M Viewers

Apr 27, 2024

The NFL and TV partners ESPN and NFL Network know quarterback-driven NFL drafts spell TV ratings gold.

That dynamic played out again Thursday night as a record six quarterbacks were selected in the first 12 picks of the 2024 NFL draft. With NFL franchises going QB-crazy, Thursday’s first-round coverage drew an average audience of 12.1 million across ABC, ESPN, and the NFL’s linear and digital platforms. That’s higher than the average viewership for the 2023 NBA Finals, World Series, and Stanley Cup Final, and up 6% for the comparable 11.4 million during the ‘23 draft. The total unduplicated audience of 34.3 million viewers was the highest since 2021.

Meanwhile, over 275,000 fans showed up during day one in Detroit to support their teams, shattering the previous record of 200,000 for the 2019 draft in Nashville.

Source: Front Office Sports

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