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Iowa Athletes Sue State, Citing ‘Unconstitutional’ Tracking of Gambling

Apr 26, 2024

More than two dozen college athletes are suing the state of Iowa, multiple of its agencies, and several state workers following a sports betting scandal that ended many of their careers.

Last spring, state investigators announced investigations into wagering by 26 athletes at Iowa and 15 at Iowa State. Most of the athletes pleaded guilty to underage gambling and paid a fine to dismiss counts of identity theft. But a few who didn’t accept a plea deal had all charges against them dropped in March due to misuse of tracking software by investigators.

The lawsuit, filed Friday by attorneys Van Plumb and Matthew Boles, comes 10 days after the publication of a Washington Post investigation that detailed how investigators uncovered the gambling activity, using tracking software to put a “digital fence” around athletic facilities without obtaining a warrant and interviewing athletes without telling them they were under investigation.

Source: Front Office Sports

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