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Jeff Bezos Could Be Biding His Time On Commanders Bid

Apr 5, 2023

Jeff Bezos hasn’t entered the bidding for the Washington Commanders, but the Amazon founder will be given every opportunity to do so.

Sources told Front Office Sports that the current deadline for Commanders owner Dan Snyder to pick a winning bidder remains weeks — not days — away.

In the meantime, Josh Harris’ group remains the frontrunner.

Harris, who owns the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils, fell short in his effort to purchase the Denver Broncos last year, but a source described his Commanders bid as “very strong.”

Harris teamed with billionaire industrial firm co-founder Mitchell Rales and NBA legend Magic Johnson to submit a bid of nearly $6 billion for the Commanders. Meanwhile, Canadian businessman Steve Apostolopoulos has spent recent days trying to buttress his reported $6 billion bid, another source said.

Source: Front Office Sports

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