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NFL fines Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes for criticizing officiating

Dec 16, 2023

Free speech, as it turns out, ain't free.

The NFL has fined both Chiefs coach Andy Reid and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes for criticizing officials after Sunday's loss to the Bills.

“It’s tough to swallow,” Mahomes said after the game, which featured a correct offensive offside call that wiped out a go-ahead touchdown on an unplanned catch-and-lateral. “Not only from me, and football in general, to take away greatness like that, for a guy like Travis [Kelce] to make a play like that, you want to see the guys on the field decide the game. They’re human. They make mistakes. But every week, we’re talking about something. . . . It’s the call. Just in that moment. Not for myself. To have a flag change the outcome of the game. I’ve never had offensive offsides called. If it does, they warn you. There wasn’t a warning the entire game. And then you make a call like that in the final minute? Another game, we’re talking about the refs. It’s not what we want for the NFL. It’s not what we want for football.”

Source: Yahoo Sports

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