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Tyreek Hill's lawyer calls lawsuit claiming Dolphins WR broke model's leg during football drill 'baseless'

Mar 1, 2024

Tyreek Hill's lawyer denied allegations the Miami Dolphins wide receiver broke a social media influencer's leg as she took part in a football drill at Hill's home last year.

In a statement sent to ESPN, Hill's attorney, Julius B. Collins, called Sophie Hall's allegations "baseless" and claimed the aim of the lawsuit was to "generate bad publicity for Mr. Hill in an attempt to 'scare tactic' him into personally covering the cost of Ms. Hall's medical bills."

Hall claims she was invited to take part in an offensive line blocking drill after watching Hill train in his backyard on June 28, 2023, per a copy of the lawsuit published by the Daily Mail.

On her first defensive-line rep, Hall alleges that she managed to push Hill backward, drawing laughter from a group of witnesses, including Hill's trainer, mother and sister. Hall said in 2019 that she is 6-foot-1 and weighs 250 pounds, while Hill is listed by the NFL at 5-10, 191 pounds.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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