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Jimmy Butler Files for a Trademark...but Not for What You Think

Updated: May 31, 2023

In 2020 the NBA was forced to play in a “bubble” format in Orlando where players could not leave and the rules made it very difficult to get items sent in. During this time Jimmy Butler did not enjoy the coffee options that they had so he started to make his own. He used an espresso machine that he brought for his hotel room and started to sell coffee to other players for $20 a cup (we think Starbucks prices are bad). It was a success and from that experience, he launched his own coffee brand called Bigface Brand in 2021. Butler has taken his coffee business just as serious as his play on the court. He has various pending trademark applications pertaining to the Bigface Brand and has spent thousands to do so.

During yet another historic playoff run Butler has filed another trademark application for his brand, “Jimmy’s Secret Stuff.” According to the trademark application, he plans to sell coffee cups using the trademark. The timing and idea for the trademark is genius.

The phrase, “Michael’s Secret Stuff” became wildly famous from the movie Space Jam starring Michael Jordan. In the movie, Michael’s Secret Stuff propelled Jordan and the Looney Tunes to a comeback victory over the Monstars. His performance on the court was so special and unique people thought there had to be something different in his drink. Even some NBA players today have gotten this phrase tattooed on them to remind them no matter what they can take their play to another level.

Since the bubble, many people have compared Butler’s fiery competitiveness and stellar play in the playoffs to Michael Jordan. It has gotten so far that there is a conspiracy that Butler is Jordan’s son. This is for good reason because tonight, Butler and the Miami Heat are looking to punch their ticket to the NBA Finals as the second 8th seed to ever make the finals. (Knicks were first in a shortened season). Thus far in the playoffs, Butler has averaged 29.9 points per game, shooting 50% from the field, with a +/- of +39. With this type of play, there must be something special in his cup!

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