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Arch Manning: The Crown Jewel of the NIL Era?

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

We’ve all seen this story before. A 2nd or 3rd generation athlete rises through the ranks in junior and high school sports, creates some buzz, get offers from every school imaginable, and all sports fans and media members begin to ponder: “Could this kid be greater than his family before him?”

Enter Arch Manning, Grandson of NFL Hall of Famer Archie, and nephew of Hall of Famer Peyton and future Hall of Famer Eli. His collegiate bidding war could be seen as THE biggest commitment race in the history of the college football. The reason? NIL and the money which it now brings along.

Arch isn’t your prototypical 5* recruit (which he, by the way, has been given that status from Rivals, ESPN, and 24/7 Sports). His potential marketability could change any given program forever just on sheer buzz and legacy. The Class of 2023 play-caller won’t just be the only one cashing out, because wherever he chooses to attend university will be the talk of every sports outlet imaginable, and from there the money will flow aplenty.

Furthermore, it will be very attractive for potential endorsements to pony up to bring the family along for the ride. The potential collaboration between School and Family and Arch himself is an idea that will have companies licking the lips. No “Omaha!” will be required because this play seems like a sure thing.

Now where will Arch play? Sports Illustrated has reported that 6 schools are currently favorites to land the prodigal Quarterback: Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss, and Texas. If Arch decides to stay home in Louisiana, play at Ole Miss like his Grandpa Arch and Uncle Eli, go link up with Nick Saban in Alabama, or join another contender in Georgia – the SEC would be beyond thrilled the potential ability to market all 4 Quarterbacks, 3 Generations of Manning, as quarterbacks who have played in arguably the nation’s most premier conference. It would also be remiss to mention that Texas is joining the SEC in 2026, right in the prime of Arch’s collegiate career, which could make for a huge powerplay in Austin to get Texas #back to glory.

As we edge towards 2023 it will be beyond exciting to track this story, but however it ends – the money will not be far behind.

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